TriOss – 100% b-TCP

Imagem TriOss – 100% b-TCP


TriOSS is rapidly osseointegrated, due to its chemical composition similar to the human bone mineral phase and due to its interconnected porosity, which allows a total vascularization of the implant. The chemical composition of TriOSS provides a more efficient bone growth as beta-Tricalcium Phosphate fast resorption rate enhances the formation of new bone. TriOss, contains two of the main constituents of bone, calcium and phosphorus, and is resorbed and replaced by host bone.
Because of its manufacturing process, TriOss is 100% pure β-TCP and does not contain other components and thus, its resorption occurs completely, uniformly and parallel to the formation of new bone in the former defect.
TriOss is completely resorbed in 4-6 months and its porous scaffold during that time helps the natural bone formation to occur.
The TriOss is presented in the form of blocks, wedges, irregular, granules and sphere-like granules


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Imagem TriOss – 100% b-TCP Imagem TriOss – 100% b-TCP


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